Timber Tiles Installation Guide

Download the Installation PDF Here: Installation Guide

Step 1: Preparation

1. Acclimatize tile: Open boxes and remove plant-based, compostable eco-shrink film. Allow tile to warm to room temperature. One week is recommended. 

2. Gather tools: A few hand tools will make installation simpler. Follow safety guidelines from tool manufacturer, including the use of glasses, dust mask, and hearing protection. 

3. Prepare wall: Tiles to be applied to a dry, flat sub straight, such as drywall or plywood. Clean and wipe down the wall. 

4. Plan layout: Establish a level line to work from. Choose a tile pattern, considering reveals, borders, obstacles

Step 1: Installation

1. Apply adhesive: Use a trowel or gun to apply urithane wood floor adhesive. A centered dollop of construction adhesive will also work. 

 2. Lay tile: Install a straight base line of tile. Use 23 gauge, 18mm (3/4”), pin nails in edge lap to secure the tile. Continue adding courses, working from left to right, bottom to top. Maintain straight, level, plumb courses. 

3. Cut to fit: Firmly clamp to a work surface before cutting. We recommend using a jigsaw, multi tool, handsaw, or band saw. Pre-drill before screwing into tile to avoid splitting. Scribe tiles around obstacles. 

4. Finish up: Leave 1/2” expansion gap around the perimeter. Trim with wood moulding or tile edging. Clean up, stand back and admire. Please post to social media #timbertiles